A stereo remote control & some Preston Blair heads

I did draw yesterday!  I went into work late but woke up at the same time as usual, so I spent some of that time drawing.

I’m trying to spend some time doing some warm up exercises: practicing basic lines & shapes, for instance.  But I’m also looking at some books that I have, including the ever popular Preston Blair. I’d like to get better at just basic construction and drawing cartoon characters, so I spent a very brief period of time working from that book, as you can see from these ugly cartoon heads:

Preston Blair Heads

Some Preston Blair heads, 10.29.14

Ick, that’s a bit painful to look at.  I might have gotten a little lazy while doing them.  Well, I’ll keep working at it.

Then I went on to drawing the remote control to my stereo:

Drawing of Stereo Remote Control, 10.29.14

Drawing of Stereo Remote Control, 10.29.14

Ok, that looks a little better.  Definitely not perfect, but I think it might be better than the shoe. Maybe.  One thing that I clearly fail at is lettering.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have bad handwriting.  This drawing is relatively small (basically the size of the remote itself), and when I got around to the lettering, it was pretty difficult to get looking halfway decent.  The top square buttons are supposed to have numbers on them, but I opted not to – they’re tiny, and the letters are supposed to be white, not black.  I’ll have to figure out a better method next time.

So yeah, it’s a bit lopsided (but the remote does have an odd shape – it’s not supposed to be perfectly rectangular) and the shading definitely needs some work!  This thing took me way too long (close to an hour).  But another finished drawing of a boring household object is done!

2 thoughts on “A stereo remote control & some Preston Blair heads

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog recently!.

    You mentioned struggling with lettering above. I know so well what you’re saying. I do too!

    I’m trying to learn at the moment. It feels a bit like having to learn again how to write.


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