Drawing of my shoe, 10.26.14

drawing of shoe

My Puma shoe, 10.26.14

Ok, so to get started, here is a drawing of my Puma shoe that I did a few days ago.  I’m pretty self conscious about it, but I also don’t think it’s the worst thing I ever done, so I think it’s a pretty good first post – something I can be critical of, yet not feel awful about.

I had trouble with the laces, especially the knot.  And the drawing does look a bit flat.  It was a pretty quick drawing (for me) – about 35-40 minutes.  Actually, it started out real rough – I was tempted to give up at the beginning because I thought there would be no way it would turn out ok.  But I’m glad I kept at it, and I think I just need to trust myself a bit more.  The early stages of a drawing often don’t look that great to me, when I’m just sketching out a general shape.  But sometimes it turns out better than I expected.  Even though I don’t think this is a great drawing, I actually did a better job than expected.

I’m also trying to draw the “boring” things in life – things that are just hanging around the house, the first thing I see, etc.  I realize that I never draw those kinds of things, which is why it’s a bit of a struggle.


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