Welcome, Scribble Fiends

rarebitfiendA new day, a new blog.  This is my new blog, my own tiny corner of the internet.  I’m told that having new hobbies and projects can help a person get through the difficult times in life.  And since this is a rather difficult period of time for me, here is a project I can focus on and look at and say, “Yes, at least I’m doing that” while everything else seems to crumble and fall all around me.

I’ve decided that I want to get better at drawing and art in general – I used to draw more when I was a kid, and was actually an art major for a semester in college.  But I ended up pursuing other interests and I drew more and more infrequently.  I will occasionally go through spurts of motivation, but without consistent practice, I’m left feeling that I never improve.

So, here at Dream of the Scribble Fiend, I will be posting whatever I’ve been drawing from my sketchpad.  Scribbles, finished drawings, figure drawing, gesture drawings, anatomy studies, simple shapes and shading exercises…  Whether I think it’s good or bad.  Well, I might not post everything, but I’m hoping that by posting both the good stuff and bad stuff, I’ll get past my insecurities and just focus on improving and enjoying myself.  In time, I also imagine I’ll be posting more than just drawings, if I start painting, or experimenting with Photoshop, etc.  Or perhaps I’ll start posting pictures & photos for reference or inspiration.

I’m going to try to force myself to post on a regular basis.  I almost considered committing myself to at least one upload a day, but I think it might be a bit unrealistic for me.  Nevertheless, I’ll strive for new posts multiple times a week, because I think having this blog will motivate me to keep drawing.

And for anyone who’s interested, the title “Dream of the Scribble Fiend” is of course a play on Winsor McCay’s “Dream of the Rarebit Fiend.”  Winsor McCay’s art is definitely a source of inspiration for me.  The title popped in my head and I couldn’t come up with anything better, so here we are.


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