Print Day in May! #1

May 2nd was Print Day in May, but I’m just getting around to posting some of the prints that I have made since recently acquiring a gelatin printing kit from my aunt, who is very passionate about the craft. I have to say, it’s been a lot of fun just playing around with the printing process, experimenting, and letting go of my critical brain more than I usually am able to.  I’m going to be posting some of my little experiments since getting the printing kit in a series of posts for Print Day in May, and here is the first!

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Inktober: Ring

Painting of Saturn in Black InkI think my posts for Inktober are going to be a bit delayed depending on my access to a scanner, but here is my drawing/painting for the first prompt: Ring. I decided to try a quick drawing of Saturn, which turned into a painting, but it’s done entirely in black ink (with a bit of white ink for the moons of Saturn).

I used small drawing pad of mine that was not well suited for the wet ink wash I did. I also used Winsor and Newton’s black Indian ink and some Higgins white ink.

Paint first, outline later

Watercolor illustration of girlThis was something new and scary for me! I was watching a video of someone doing some freehand painting, some of which they added black outlines and details to after the fact. After my character design attempt from yesterday where, while I did a pencil drawing first, I then painted first before adding the outline, I thought I might want to try some freehand painting.

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An attempt at character design

Comic illustration of a personSo, while I want to improve at drawing “real” things – people, animals, nature, architecture, etc – my main interest in art has been in animation, comics, and illustration. A lot of that requires me to draw from my imagination and create my own designs.  Drawing from a reference photo and trying to replicate it in a drawing is “safe” for me – but creating characters is quite scary.

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