Night Sky on a Wacom Tablet

Night sky digital paintingI got a new little Wacom tablet for Christmas, so I decided to try it out by following a tutorial that came with a bundled program called Clip Studio Paint Pro. My thanks to JTian over there, as this is essentially an attempt to copy what they did while learning how to use the tablet and the program. I’m totally new to digital painting, so the tutorial was helpful.

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Paragliders and Hang Gliders

Watercolor painting of paragliders and hang glidersLast year, I visited the Morningside Flight Park in Charlestown, New Hampshire and went on a tandem hang gliding flight. It was amazing! I highly recommend it if that kind of thing is up your alley. I started this sketch at that time after the flight while I watched people learning how to hang glide and paraglide, but I never finished it until recently.

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Inktober: Ring

Painting of Saturn in Black InkI think my posts for Inktober are going to be a bit delayed depending on my access to a scanner, but here is my drawing/painting for the first prompt: Ring. I decided to try a quick drawing of Saturn, which turned into a painting, but it’s done entirely in black ink (with a bit of white ink for the moons of Saturn).

I used small drawing pad of mine that was not well suited for the wet ink wash I did. I also used Winsor and Newton’s black Indian ink and some Higgins white ink.

Paint first, outline later

Watercolor illustration of girlThis was something new and scary for me! I was watching a video of someone doing some freehand painting, some of which they added black outlines and details to after the fact. After my character design attempt from yesterday where, while I did a pencil drawing first, I then painted first before adding the outline, I thought I might want to try some freehand painting.

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An attempt at character design

Comic illustration of a personSo, while I want to improve at drawing “real” things – people, animals, nature, architecture, etc – my main interest in art has been in animation, comics, and illustration. A lot of that requires me to draw from my imagination and create my own designs.  Drawing from a reference photo and trying to replicate it in a drawing is “safe” for me – but creating characters is quite scary.

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